Slim By Nature

When the email offer to try the Slim by Nature Detox program arrived it couldn’t have come at a better time. After a big end of the year, with lots of holidays, eating and drinking a detox was the PERFECT way to start the 2019.

Here are my before photos. Detox Day One.

I decided on the Slim By Nature 12 day trial detox (SHOP IT HERE ) as I knew it was something I could 100% commit to and it would be a fantastic way to put me back on the path to healthy eating. It’s also I great trial price ($59 with 15 % off using code BEC15). I was excited and grateful to be working with Slim by Nature.

To begin with I have a chat to Zhanna the owner of Slim By Nature to talk about what I would like to achieve from the detox.

We decided on patches, drops and teas. I am also trialling the Vegan Formula Z

Day one I woke excited and motivated to begin my journey to health.

I weighed in at 72.1kgs.

Day one I applied two detox patches and one Inner Goodness patch.

I began the day with a tasty 123 Detox Tea Day one and two of the detox you can eat as much as you like, focusing on high fat foods. It’s a loading phase where you get your body used to the patches.

I felt no different to normal on days one and two, other than the fact I had a positive mindset and super excited for the next 12 days. It’s also a great opportunity to get organised for the next 12 days and plan your meals.

Day three is the day you start eating only foods on the approved food list.

I decided for ease I would eat the same thing every day. It just made it easier to prepare the meals. You can be far more creative, some of the meals in the Facebook support group ( you can find the Facebook group HERE ) are amazing and so creative!

I was impressed with the amount of food. I’ve gone on ‘diets’ before that I allowed myself far less. I HONESTLY wasn’t hungry, but it was very hard to say no to temptation. Especially when I was preparing food for other family members.

Enjoying a coffee out with my family Day Three:

Drinking the detox tea helped, if I started to feel like I wanted a snack I just had the tea.

I woke up Day 5 feeling hungry and to be honest it was a hard day. I was craving the kids food all day, it took a lot for me to not snack. I got through it though by focusing on the fact that I had dropped 700grams.

The Slim By Nature Facebook Group was fantastic support. Everyone posts their results and we encourage each other. It’s also great for recipe inspiration. It’s free and included in your detox.

Day 6:

I weighed in this morning and I couldn’t believe I had lost 2.3kgs! Feeling great today too.

I must say the 123Detox Teas have been amazing, if I’m feeling like I want to snack I just have a tea instead. Day 6 has really motivated me for the rest of the detox.

By day 8 I am feeling amazing. So much energy and over 3kg weight loss.

I also wanted to point out that the food on the program literally costs nothing. It comes to about $10 a day. I obviously still had to cook and prepare food for my family but my husband was more than happy with some frozen meals for the 12 days.

By Day 10 and 11 I was literally glowing. I was feeling amazing, lots of energy and loving being on the detox. One of the huge differences I noticed was the way I felt when I woke up in the morning. Prior to the detox I woke feeling sluggish and struggled to get out of bed. During the detox I woke feeling energised and found it easy to get up in the morning. I also wasn’t desperate for a coffee. Normally I’d have three coffees by 11am, such a change.

My final weigh in on Day 12 was:

I cannot believe I lost five kilos!

Weight loss aside I’m just so pleased with the results generally of how well I feel in my body. More energetic, lighter and happier in myself. It feels great to be doing something for myself for a change. It’s definitely put me on the right track for my health.

Would I recommend it to anyone, HELL YES! It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve done. If you are interested in trying the Slim By Nature detox head over to their website and don’t forget to use the code BEC15 for a 15% off discount.

You can find the link to all the Slim By Nature products I used HERE


They are also starting a group Challenge- BE CHALLENGE on the 26/01/2019- that goes for just over 9 weeks, and allows you to lose up to 15 kilos in just over 9 weeks. Hundreds of women are joining and doing the program together. If you wish to join- then hurry, all you need is the 43 day program in time for the challenge which you can purchase HERE

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