Slim By Nature 12 Day Detox

This October I did another Slim By Nature 12 day trial detox. It was my second one, I did my first one back in January (you can read my blog about it here ) and it changed my life.

It taught me so many good life habits, and made me feel the best I had in years so naturally I could not wait to do another Slim By Nature detox.

Day one and two of the twelve day detox are ‘loading days’, so you are encouraged to eat as much as you want, filling up on both good and bad fats. You also start taking the drops or wearing the patches, having the tea, and whatever other Slim By Nature products you are taking. You also weigh yourself first thing in the morning, this is your start weight. It’s a great time to eat the foods that you might miss while doing the detox, and get organised for the weeks ahead by food shopping and meal prepping. I really enjoyed this phase, I made sure I ate all my favourite foods.

Phase two begins on day three, and continues for as long as you are doing the detox. During this stage you wear the patches or take the drops and follow an eating plan. There is an approved food list, you are told how much and what to eat. When I first did the detox in January I was surprised as I did find the portion sizes small (only because I had been over eating for so long). This time around the portion sizes were similar to how I have been eating since my first detox.

Phase two is hard as saying no to temptation can be such a mind game. For example most nights I had to sit next to my husband enjoying a bowl of ice cream after dinner (something we liked to do together) and I could only watch. But I stayed strong as I knew how good I was feeling and looking from doing the detox. The Slim By Nature Facebook support group (you can join here ) is amazing support. It is also a great way to get food ideas and recipes.

During the detox I used the following Slim By Nature products:

12 day trail patches – SHOP HERE ($59)

Inner Goodness Patches – SHOP HERE ($79)

Vegan Formula Z – SHOP HERE ($99)

Recipe Book – SHOP HERE ($79)

123 TeaTox – SHOP HERE ($99)

I really enjoyed doing the detox again, and would highly recommend the program, to anyone (not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding). You can use my code BEC15 for 15% off your first purchase. I lost 3.5kg’s this detox, and 5kgs in round one. So all up I have lost, and kept off, over 8kgs thanks to Slim By Nature.

*This blog post was written as part of my ambassadorship with Slim By Nature

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