Working with Ryobi

So it’s no secret that we just renovated our home and I’m completely obsessed with ever part of it. Unfortunately part of making our home bigger was that we lost a lot of outdoor space. We used to have lots of lawn, but now its been reduced to a few small patches at the front and rear.

The grass in our backyard before:

If you watch my stories you will see we got rid of our big lawn mower (too big to store and didn’t need it) and I decided I would take on mowing duties and bought a hand mower. Well the hand mower was terrible to use and it took me nearly an hour to mow the small patch pictured above. In the end we resorted to using scissors to cut the lawn and I know a few of you found this to be very funny!

When the good people over at RYOBI heard my plight they decided to send me a brand new RYOBI ONE+ cordless line trimmer. RYOBI has a big focus on supporting women in doing DIY around the house and therefore create products that make it easy to do so. And wow was this machine is not only easy to use but super easy to set up too. I love it.

So last weekend I took the beautiful RYOBI ONE+ cordless line trimmer out of the box and gave it a whirl. It was incredible. It cut the grass with ease and I was done in about five minutes. It was really fun to use to.

The thing I liked best about the RYOBI ONE+ cordless line trimmer is that its battery operated so you don’t need to worry about petrol which was a huge pain with our previous mower. You just plug the battery in to recharge it. Once it’s charger you just pop it into the back of the RYOBI ONE+ cordless line trimmer. Very user friendly. RYOBI is also so confident in their ONE+ tools, they back them all with a 6 year replacement warranty.

Here is the battery charging:

The grass after:

Some more BEFORE & AFTERS:

Thank you so much to RYOBI for sending me something I needed and love using. I also applaud you for encouraging women to be more active in DIY projects. RYOBI has over 70 tools in the ONE+ range so there is a tool to suit and DIY project that you might have.

RYOBI tools can be exclusively purchased through Bunnings Australia and New Zealand.

For more information click here to visit their website 

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