Slim By Nature 12 Day Detox

This October I did another Slim By Nature 12 day trial detox. It was my second one, I did my first one back in January (you can read my blog about it here ) and it changed my life.

It taught me so many good life habits, and made me feel the best I had in years so naturally I could not wait to do another Slim By Nature detox.

Day one and two of the twelve day detox are ‘loading days’, so you are encouraged to eat as much as you want, filling up on both good and bad fats. You also start taking the drops or wearing the patches, having the tea, and whatever other Slim By Nature products you are taking. You also weigh yourself first thing in the morning, this is your start weight. It’s a great time to eat the foods that you might miss while doing the detox, and get organised for the weeks ahead by food shopping and meal prepping. I really enjoyed this phase, I made sure I ate all my favourite foods.

Phase two begins on day three, and continues for as long as you are doing the detox. During this stage you wear the patches or take the drops and follow an eating plan. There is an approved food list, you are told how much and what to eat. When I first did the detox in January I was surprised as I did find the portion sizes small (only because I had been over eating for so long). This time around the portion sizes were similar to how I have been eating since my first detox.

Phase two is hard as saying no to temptation can be such a mind game. For example most nights I had to sit next to my husband enjoying a bowl of ice cream after dinner (something we liked to do together) and I could only watch. But I stayed strong as I knew how good I was feeling and looking from doing the detox. The Slim By Nature Facebook support group (you can join here ) is amazing support. It is also a great way to get food ideas and recipes.

During the detox I used the following Slim By Nature products:

12 day trail patches – SHOP HERE ($59)

Inner Goodness Patches – SHOP HERE ($79)

Vegan Formula Z – SHOP HERE ($99)

Recipe Book – SHOP HERE ($79)

123 TeaTox – SHOP HERE ($99)

I really enjoyed doing the detox again, and would highly recommend the program, to anyone (not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding). You can use my code BEC15 for 15% off your first purchase. I lost 3.5kg’s this detox, and 5kgs in round one. So all up I have lost, and kept off, over 8kgs thanks to Slim By Nature.

*This blog post was written as part of my ambassadorship with Slim By Nature

Wertheim Evolution Stickvac

Anyone that has children knows they are messy little creatures. I spent so much of my day cleaning up after their constant mess. If there is a product out there that can make my life as a busy Mum any easier I’m all for it.

The lovely people at Godfreys have gifted me one of their new Wertheim Evolution Stick Vacuums to trial and so far, it has been amazing. I have never had a stick vacuum before and I can tell you they are a game changer.

The top three messiest areas for my kids would be, the kitchen, especially after meal times, the car, where so many snacks are consumed, and the bedroom where my eldest child likes to do her craft.

Having a fully charged vacuum just sitting there waiting to be used has been fantastic. It comes with a charging dock, which is so easy as when you have finished cleaning you simply stand your handspike in the charging dock. The dock also includes a spare battery.

The Wertheim Evolution is the ultimate Stick Vacuum and comes complete with a powerful Power Head which is ideal for both the carpet and floorboards that we have in our home.

The other plus is it is very quiet, so I can easily use the vacuum whilst my youngest naps. It also comes with a mini motorised pet brush which is great for us as we have a small dog. The machine is so easy to use, and cleans almost any surface.

Other key features include:

  • Up to 25 minutes run time on one battery
  • Easy conversion to Handstick or a Handvac from Stickvac
  • HEPA Filtration to trap allergen triggers
  • It comes with so many accessories- upholstery, 3-1 cleaning tool.


Honestly I don’t know how my family survived with out this machine for so long. It’s definitely a welcome addition to our family.

To find out more click HERE




Balwyn Renovation


For the last few years my sister and I have owned an investment property in Balwyn, it’s a great little unit in a fantastic location.

When our property manager informed us our last, unreliable tenant had moved out we decided it was time to update the property.

Initially we were just going to do the bathroom and started getting some initial quotes. I was feeling lost, I didn’t want to do any of the work myself, but I wanted it to be done well and to a high standard. I first heard of Property Revive when someone contacted me via my Instagram page recommending their services. From my first phone call with Felicity I knew it was going to be a great match. Felicity’s company Property Revive specialises I’m updating investment properties, either for better rental return/tenants or prepping for sale.

We first met at the property to walk through and see what needed updating.

We decided to not only completely redo the bathroom, but the entire property! This included new flooring throughout, fresh paint throughout, new blinds, light fittings, as well as putting in some new appliances and a general tidy up.

To be honest from there I just let Felicity and her team do their thing. With two small kids and living on the other side of town the last thing I wanted to do was to constantly be worrying about the property.

The update took approximately 4 weeks (it was done over Christmas/New Year) and the results blew me away!

To begin with here is the bathroom BEFORE: 

And the bathroom AFTER:

In the bathroom Felicity completely gutted it as there was water damage and the floor needed to be replaced.

The master bedroom before:

And the master bedroom AFTER:

Here Felicity remover the carpet, revealing these gorgeous floorboards which she stained and polished using a matt, water based finish with a chocolate direct stain.

The kitchen BEFORE:

The kitchen AFTER:

Here Felicity replaced the floor, painted and did a general tidy up. We replaced the dishwasher.

Entry way BEFORE:


Finally the lounge room.



So much lighter and brighter.

The project was completed to an extremely high standard and came in nearly $2000 under budget. The property was previously rented out before renovation for $370 per week and is now on the market for $460-$480 per week.

Felicity and her team at PROPERTY REVIVE can also work out a depreciation schedule for you so it makes claiming back the works at tax time very easy.

I’m so glad I found Felicity and her team at PROPERTY REVIVE. I would highly recommend her services. To get in contact with Felicity click HERE

For more information visit her FACEBOOK SITE

Slim By Nature

When the email offer to try the Slim by Nature Detox program arrived it couldn’t have come at a better time. After a big end of the year, with lots of holidays, eating and drinking a detox was the PERFECT way to start the 2019.

I decided on the Slim By Nature 12 day trial detox (SHOP IT HERE ) as I knew it was something I could 100% commit to and it would be a fantastic way to put me back on the path to healthy eating. It’s also I great trial price ($59 with 15 % off using code BEC15). I was excited and grateful to be working with Slim by Nature.

To begin with I have a chat to Zhanna the owner of Slim By Nature to talk about what I would like to achieve from the detox.

We decided on patches, drops and teas. I am also trialling the Vegan Formula Z

Day one I woke excited and motivated to begin my journey to health.

I weighed in at 72.1kgs.

Day one I applied two detox patches and one Inner Goodness patch.

I began the day with a tasty 123 Detox Tea Day one and two of the detox you can eat as much as you like, focusing on high fat foods. It’s a loading phase where you get your body used to the patches.

I felt no different to normal on days one and two, other than the fact I had a positive mindset and super excited for the next 12 days. It’s also a great opportunity to get organised for the next 12 days and plan your meals.

Day three is the day you start eating only foods on the approved food list.

I decided for ease I would eat the same thing every day. It just made it easier to prepare the meals. You can be far more creative, some of the meals in the Facebook support group ( you can find the Facebook group HERE ) are amazing and so creative!

I was impressed with the amount of food. I’ve gone on ‘diets’ before that I allowed myself far less. I HONESTLY wasn’t hungry, but it was very hard to say no to temptation. Especially when I was preparing food for other family members.

Enjoying a coffee out with my family Day Three:

Drinking the detox tea helped, if I started to feel like I wanted a snack I just had the tea.

I woke up Day 5 feeling hungry and to be honest it was a hard day. I was craving the kids food all day, it took a lot for me to not snack. I got through it though by focusing on the fact that I had dropped 700grams.

The Slim By Nature Facebook Group was fantastic support. Everyone posts their results and we encourage each other. It’s also great for recipe inspiration. It’s free and included in your detox.

Day 6:

I weighed in this morning and I couldn’t believe I had lost 2.3kgs! Feeling great today too.

I must say the 123Detox Teas have been amazing, if I’m feeling like I want to snack I just have a tea instead. Day 6 has really motivated me for the rest of the detox.

By day 8 I am feeling amazing. So much energy and over 3kg weight loss.

I also wanted to point out that the food on the program literally costs nothing. It comes to about $10 a day. I obviously still had to cook and prepare food for my family but my husband was more than happy with some frozen meals for the 12 days.

By Day 10 and 11 I was literally glowing. I was feeling amazing, lots of energy and loving being on the detox. One of the huge differences I noticed was the way I felt when I woke up in the morning. Prior to the detox I woke feeling sluggish and struggled to get out of bed. During the detox I woke feeling energised and found it easy to get up in the morning. I also wasn’t desperate for a coffee. Normally I’d have three coffees by 11am, such a change.

My final weigh in on Day 12 was:

I cannot believe I lost five kilos!

Weight loss aside I’m just so pleased with the results generally of how well I feel in my body. More energetic, lighter and happier in myself. It feels great to be doing something for myself for a change. It’s definitely put me on the right track for my health.

Would I recommend it to anyone, HELL YES! It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve done. If you are interested in trying the Slim By Nature detox head over to their website and don’t forget to use the code BEC15 for a 15% off discount.

You can find the link to all the Slim By Nature products I used HERE


They are also starting a group Challenge- BE CHALLENGE on the 26/01/2019- that goes for just over 9 weeks, and allows you to lose up to 15 kilos in just over 9 weeks. Hundreds of women are joining and doing the program together. If you wish to join- then hurry, all you need is the 43 day program in time for the challenge which you can purchase HERE

Ways you can give back this Christmas

Christmas is a busy, fun, and expensive time of year. Not every year, but when I can I try and give back.

Here is a small list of ways you can give back this silly season:

1). Donate a bag of toiletries to a woman in need via Share the Dignity it’s in the bag campaign. You can fill a handbag with items such as shampoo, deodorant, and soap for a woman or girl this Christmas and drop it off for collection at your local Bunnings.

The bags go directly to women who are either homeless or experiencing domestic violence.

Another option is purchasing a bag online from Chemist Warehouse HERE they are $29.99 and contains all the basics for a woman in need. The bag you purchase will be sent directly to Share the Dignity.

2. Purchase a SELF CARE SAVES LIFE tank or T-shirt HERE

100% of the proceeds are going to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia). Perinatal Anxiety and Depression is reaching epidemic levels in Australia so this is s fantastic way to support this excellent charity.

3. Kmart Wishing Tree.

The appeal has been running since 1987 and I can remember dropping presents off under the tree in store with my mother when I was a child. It’s definitely something that is a tradition in my family.

You can donate in store by bringing in a gift or buying one in store and placing under the tree. The Salvation Army will then distribute to someone in need.

Gifts do not need to be purchased from Kmart, nor do they need to be wrapped. The appeal is unable to accept used or second hand gifts.

4. St Kilda Mums

Next week to celebrate the opening of Betty’s Burgers new Windsor store they have partnered with local donut maker, Bistro Morgan creating a limited edition concrete (ice cream), raising money for St Kilda Mums

Alternatively you can donate directly to St Kilda Mums for their Christmas appeal HERE5. Donate Blood

Donate blood this Christmas to Red Cross. I’ve done it previously (I am no longer able to) and it is a truly rewarding experience.

Find your local donation centre HERE

6. The Babes Project

The Babes Project is a charity that supports women who are facing pregnancy and motherhood alone.

Purchase a copy of Rewriting Motherhood HERE for $40. Rewriting Motherhood is a powerful, moving and beautiful collection of 10 women’s stories through crisis pregnancy and toward parenthood.

An added bonus is by purchasing your book you will also be covering the cost of a book for a woman facing crisis pregnancy.

7. Salvos Toy Appeal

This year you can buy a toy online via the Salvation Army website and it sent directly to a child in need.

You can order the toy online HERE

Simply choose the gender, age, and price range then order the toy online.

8. Target Wishing Tree

Run in conjunction with UnitingCare, simply leave a gift under the tree located in store. To find out more click HERE

9. Camp Quality

Camp Quality Kid-ness advent calendar bags and cards.

Each card has a meaningful task on them starting from December 1st leading up to Christmas Day. They are $44.95 you can shop them HERE


This November we went on our fourth trip to Fiji (our third with the kids). It is, and will always be our favourite place for a relaxed family holiday.

The week before we left we went into holiday lock down. No childcare, no play dates, nothing. I did not want to risk one of us getting sick before a big trip!

For this trip we decided to not pack a pram, as we were staying at small island resorts. I didn’t think we would need it and both girls can capably walk.

Luckily we were gifted a TRUNKI before we left and it came in handy when moving about the airport.

Gem (our four year old) claimed the trunki as hers, and confidently rode it through the airport with me pulling along the strap.

The thing I liked best about the Trunki was I used it to store all the girls things to keep them occupied on the plane, keeping my bag free of all their kiddy items. It also fits perfectly under the seat in front during the flight.

Castaway Island

We spent the first week at Castaway Island which is simply stunning. The beach is the nicest I’ve ever seen, and perfect for little kids like mine that can’t swim as it’s nice and shallow.

Accommodation wise we had a beachfront villa but in retrospect I think I’d be happy with any of the villas available as we spent most of the day on the main beach. The pools looked great but we never swam in them.

The kids spent a little time in kids club, it’s from 3 years of age so we got a nanny for Rose (2) when she attended. Nannies are $10 FJD per hour and you pay them directly with cash. The babysat for us at night when we had dinner and the girls slept.

The food at Castaway was ok, above average. It was a buffet for the kids at every meal (they had some a la carte options too), and we had a la cart for lunch and dinner from one of they three restaurants.

I liked that you could get lunch take away and eat it on the beach or in your room.

We got the meal plan so we didn’t stress about the cost of eating.

Drinks are expensive at Castaway, so if you’re prepared perhaps bring your own.

I did love the beach bar however, and enjoyed a few cocktails on the beach while watching the girls play.


It was our second visit to Vomo and what can I say, it’s my favourite place in Fiji. Not cheap but it includes basically everything.

The island is beautiful, the accommodation modern and comfortable, and the staff are lovely.

The kids club there is fantastic. It’s air conditioned and has great facilities including a movie room. The kids also ate both lunch and dinner in the kids club. The kids club in Vomo is from four years old. Rose had a nanny, Millie, for most of the day. It was $15 FJD per hour.

The sunset adults only bar is lovely and they now do meals there twice a week. They are also building an adults only infinitely pool.

The spa at Vomo is the best massage I’ve ever had. I booked three massages on this trip and each one I feel asleep! So relaxing.

The food this time around was sensational, we loved every single meal! I honestly can’t fault it, we are big on food so this really made our trip. The kids food (all al a carte, was delicious too).

The highlight of our trip was booking little Vomo for a private beach picnic. We had a lovely day collecting shells and eating lobster.

We booked our holiday through Belinda Hackett who was a fantastic travel agent and I’d highly recommend her!

Best ever Christmas Pudding 🎄

I might be biased as I’ve literally grown up eating this Christmas pudding, but I do think it’s the best! It is my Nana’s recipe and she has been making it for 40 years.

I wouldn’t say it’s the quickest or easiest recipe but it’s definitely worth the time it takes to prepare. I usually aim to have it cooked by September/October, then leave it on the fridge until Christmas Day.


1 1/2 cups Raisins

1 1/4 cups Sultanas

1 1/2 cups Currants

1/3 cup chopped mixed peel

1/4 cup chopped blanched almonds

1 small apple

1/2 orange

1 cup SR Flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon mixed spice

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

125g butter

3 cups white breadcrumbs

1 1/3 cup brown sugar

3 eggs

1/4 cup brandy or milk (approximately)

Prepared the dried fruit by removing the seeds and finely chopping the raisins. Combine in a bowl with almonds and the mixed peel (I add glacé cherries sometimes too).

Peel and grate the Apple, grate the rind and remove the juice from half an orange. Add to the dried fruit and toss well.

Sift flour, salt and spices into a basin, and lightly rub in the butter.

Add the breadcrumbs, brown sugar, and the dried fruit mix.

Beat the eggs into a froth, add the brandy (or milk), then add to the mixture and stir well.

Turn into a large greased basin, approximately seven- cup capacity. Do not fill to the top- allow for rising.

Cover with a circle of greased paper and then double thickness of aluminium foil.

Put it in a saucepan of boiling water, allowing the water to come halfway up the basin. Cover the saucepan with a lid and boil for six hours. Keep adding boiling water to replace the water which has boiled away.

When cooked, remove the cover and paper, allow surface to dry out. Replace with new paper and foil, put the lid back on and store in the refrigerator.

Reheat in the same way as originally cooked, boil for two-three hours before serving!