New Year, New You

Becoming the best version of you in 2020!
Each year I make a new years resolution. I know its not for everyone but it really helps to keep me motivated and on track. This year I decided to keep up my health and fitness goals. To reward myself and stay motivated I headed to the shops to purchase some new active wear. Because I’m known for loving a bargain, I would never leave home with out my WhatsMine app. It’s your on stop app for all the lastest bargain finds. Not only does WhatsMine store all your loyalty cards in the one place, keeping your wallet clutter free (hello Marie Kondo) it also contains all the offers that you would normally get in you email inbox in the one place! So easy!
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Tonight I headed into Lorna Jane, as I found out they had a further 25% off sale thanks to my WhatsMine app.
Here are some of the bargains I found, these two gorgeous sets for around $100! Bargain!
I often get asked the main things I do to maintain my health and fitness, so here a few of them:
• Invest in some good active wear that you can wear all day, before and after the gym.
• I try to get to the gym 4-5 times a week. I do a mixture of cardio, pilates, and weights. 
• I maintain a 80/20 diet, 80% healthy, 20% treats. I find this works for me long term as it’s a realistic lifestyle.
• Drink lots of water, I start the day with a big glass.
• I eat the same things most days, this way I can keep a better track of my eating. Most days I have two boiled eggs for breakfast and a chia pudding for lunch, I’ll pop my chia pudding recipe below:

1/2 cup Chia seeds

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

I can coconut milk

4 dessert spoons real maple syrup

(Raspberries, Blueberries and roasted almonds optional, to serve).

Place all ingredients into a large bowl and mix well, then leave in fridge overnight.

It makes four servings and lasts for a week in the fridge.

Serve with fresh berries (can use frozen in winter) and crunchy roasted almonds.


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