The Ups and Downs of SAHM Life

So I am currently full time at home with the two kids. How did this happen? Well prior to having Gem I had just completed my post graduate degree in Primary School Teaching and had started doing some relief teaching. I was also working part time in retail at the time. When I was 30 weeks pregnant we moved interstate from Adelaide (we were in Adelaide for a few years for my husbands work) to Sydney so any jobs or relationships I had with work were lost.

When Gemima my eldest was 11 months we finally returned back to Melbourne as the decision was made that I would stay home for good as the costs of childcare was just too expensive.

So two kids and three and a half years later and I’m pretty over being at home full time. The girls spend all day whinging and fighting and demaning food which only seems to end up on the floor and not in their mouths. I have 10 hours of childcare a week (split over two days) and that is my saviour. However the childcare only runs the school term so school holidays are a killer. With no family help available the days can be long.

I love my kids but staying at home with them full time definitely isn’t what I thought is was going to be. This blog and my Instagram page has been a big help as it’s given me something else put my energy into, so everyday is not so mundane. Don’t get me wrong I bloody love my kids but being alone with them most days is definitely not healthy for the mind.

I know this time will pass but I don’t think I’ll miss it. I’ll miss them being so cute and little but I won’t miss these long, lonely days.

10 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of SAHM Life

  1. Nice to see your blog, bec! Hopefully this and your brilliant insta page helps you get through the day just that little bit easier 🙂


  2. I totally understand what you are saying my kids were 15 months apart and we lost 3 parents during 2 of my pregnancies. I have family but they worked and my then husband was working 12 hour days to make ends meet. We split when my kids were 7 and 9 so ive been doing it on my own for 12 years. I have health issues and feel very alone but I love my kids so much. It is such a hard job being a mum. Love your posts.


  3. Love reading your posts (and fashion Insta stories) – can definitely relate to those feeling of being a full time stay at home mum. I have a 2.3 and 9 month old and Some days feel like they never end and then you feel guilty for feeling like that when many people wish they could be at home with their kids. It is nice to hear others are going through similar feelings/situations.


  4. Hey Bec (I am also Bec from the same suburb as you’re renovating in hehe)
    Your blog post about being so alone really resonated with me, not as a SAHM – I only have fur kids – but as an auntie! I’ve reached out to my sister in law to make sure she’s ok and to ask if she needs any help. It’s not that I don’t want to help, I get so wrapped up in my own life that I just forget to ask and she’s not the type to cry out, so thanks for the reminder. Thank you for your honesty, I’m addicted your insta stories (wish I had your killer legs haha)


  5. Hey Bec
    I get the whole in the trenches of motherhood thing I’ve been SAHM ing for 3 Years now and another surprise on the way just as I was starting to apply for jobs too!
    I worry what the next 2 yrs will bring to the table mentally
    I find bigger play centres help and out of your own area.
    Maybe you should document bargain activities with the girls so the days aren’t so long and there’s a new scenery to look forward too


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