Putting the social back in social media

Ok so recently I ticked over to 10,000 followers on my Bargain Styler Insta page. This is significant because I have only had the page for 6 months, so it’s a great achievement in that short time. When this happened to received a few messages from other Instagram pages asking me how I did it so its prompted me to write a post about how I have grown my Instagram page.

First of all I feel I started the page for the right reasons. I simply wanted to share my finds. I never went into it thinking about what I could get out of it, I have only ever wanted to share. Secondly I have honestly never been follower focused. I’d still be doing what I am doing now (including all mu Insta stories) with only 100 followers because I genuinely enjoy it and love doing it.

My top few points are:

  1. Be social on social media! Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people just scroll though without a like or comment. Zoe, the The DIY Decorator started a movement awhile ago with the hashtag # IF YOU LIKE IT LIKE IT and that is so true! Its super important to engage with other accounts on a regular basis. I try to comment on as many photos as I can to create good engagement. You’ll generally find that accounts you interact with with often comment back on your photos too. This started as I love when people comment on my photos, and you know the old saying ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ or something?!
  2. Get onto the Insta stories. I read somewhere that Instagram rewards accounts that regularly post Instagram stories to their feed with exposure, so it’s worth a go. People freak out about what to do in their stories but I guess its just a little ‘behind the scenes’, even the simplest things like sharing an easy recipe or new find! You can start off by using a filter if you feel more comfortable (I personally don’t like them). I find the best light to be in the car for some reason, so that could be a great place to start. People like to connect with others so it’s a great way to show more of yourself.
  3. Be a giver. Don’t put too much on your feed about how wonderful your life is. I especially now turn away from accounts that flaunt a life that for me is now unabtainable. I know most feeds are curated but the feedback I always get is how normal my feed is, and thats because I don’t try and be someone I’m not or portray a life other than my own. Try to put as much on your feed thats relatable and gives something to the viewer.
  4. Spend time on Instagram. I honestly spend a lot of time on my Instagram. I enjoy taking the time to reply to comments and messages and creating lots of engagement within my account. If someone takes the time to send me a DM I always take the time to reply. I love getting messages and comments.
  5. Share, share, share! If I see something I really love I will always post to stories or even post to my page! I don’t want it to be all about me, sharing other peoples finds and photos is lots of fun. I have pretty much grown my account from all the shares and comments I have had in the past few months. I have definitely got by with a little help from my friends.
  6. There is so much love (and followers) to go around. Don’t compare your account to someone elses and try not to be jealous. There are plenty of people using Instagram and plenty of followers to go around. Sharing or even mentioning another account is a GOOD THING and will only benefit you in the long run. It’s good to spread and share the love.

Finally have fun! Enjoy the community you will find once you get involved, be positive and upbeat and just be yourself. Hope this has helped xx Bec

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